Thursday, August 31, 2006

McCain battles union workers over illegals

Absolutely hilarious!

Via The Arizona Daily Star:

As he steered his Straight Talk Express across the United States in recent weeks, Republican Sen. John McCain has tried to stay a-head of the immigration issue. But Friday the immigration issue delivered 36 or so heads to his Phoenix office — heads of lettuce, that is.

McCain has been getting skewered in the media for comments earlier this month to a union group in Washington, D.C., that immigrants are taking jobs no one else wants, and offered them $50 an hour to pick lettuce in the Arizona sun for a summer, suggesting they couldn't do it.

The senator didn't stick around long enough to process any applications, despite several offers to take him up on his offer from the audience.
So Friday more than three dozen demonstrators showed up at his office, many carrying lettuce picker applications in one hand, and a head of lettuce in the other to show they could do the job.

McCain was not on hand to greet them, but somehow it's probably not the kind of green he was hoping to collect for his budding presidential bid.


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