Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is the U.S. Government punishing Border Patrol agents to protect a secret agenda?

Even Dianne Feinstein understands, some things just don't add up when discussing our government's actions regarding the border. This story is simply disgusting.

As reported by the Washington Post (emphasis mine):

Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill have asked for congressional hearings and reviews by the White House and Justice Department into the conviction of two U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot and wounded a fleeing drug suspect.

The agents, convicted by a federal jury in El Paso in March, face 20 years in prison at a sentencing hearing next month. "It appears the facts do not add up or justify the length of the sentences for these agents, let alone their conviction on multiple counts," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat.

In a letter to President Bush, Rep. Walter B. Jones, North Carolina Republican, asked the White House to review the case, saying the prosecution was "outrageous." He said it did nothing but "tie the hands of the Border Patrol and prevent the agency from securing America against a flood of illegal immigrants, drugs, counterfeit goods and, quite possibly, terrorists."

Spotted in his van near the Rio Grande, records show that Ramos gave chase while Compean circled around to head off the suspect. When Mr. Aldrete-Davila jumped out of the van and ran south to the river, he was confronted by Compean, who was thrown to the ground as the two men fought. Ramos said that when he arrived, he saw Compean on the ground and chased Mr. Aldrete-Davila to the river, where the suspect suddenly turned toward him, pointing what looked like a gun.

This initial report is bad enough, but here is the finishing touch (emphasis mine):

Nearly 800 pounds of marijuana, worth $1 million, was found in the van that he abandoned at the river's edge, the Border Patrol said.

Mr. Aldrete-Davila, who was given immunity by prosecutors to testify against the agents, also received care at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso. He is suing the government for $5 million for violating his civil rights.

The Department of Defense later gave a written press release in response to the uproar over this issue, but several of the facts don't add up in that release. For one, it states that "another agent" showing up at the scene in the middle of the incident, "heard" someone yell "hit him", but they refused, or were unable to identify this other agent. Other than that, their entire defense of the prosecution is based solely on the testimony of the illegal alien drug dealer who they didn't even have any testimony from until they seeked him out in Mexico and ASKED him what happend. The DOJ admits to the drug running, but found it important enough to have agents travel to Mexico, give this illegal alien drug runner amnesty from prosecution, all in exchange to testify againt two border patrol agents. Their reason for doing this is basically from what I can tell ... that the agents threw some of the shell casings into the creek before leaving the scene. The DOJ report contradicts itself when it states that there were seven other agents who arrived on the scene, and were there as the two accused agents threw these casing in, and talked about this incident, but then later they say they decided to investigate only after the agents did not report the shooting.

In order to believe this report, then you would need to believe that all nine of the agents are guilty of not reporting the incident. And even then, the government sends agents into Mexico and somehow locates a drug runner who is attempting to run and hide after being shot by U.S. agents? I somehow can't even begin to imagine that conversation as they attempt to approach this guy. I can't even begin to imagine the motivation that whoever started the investigation must have had, to begin an investigation on something that had not been reported, and that as far as they knew ... had no victim.

Either way, I don't really care at this point if they did locate him as they said they did. You don't give amnesty from prosecution to an illegal alien who had crossed the border with 800 lbs of drugs, and then allow him to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Government for, get this ... "violation of his 4th amendment rights! Yes, so ... according to George Bush's Department of Defense, illegal aliens carting 800 lbs of drugs into our country have constitutional rights. And La Raza calls him Hitler! That's always confused me. George Bush is La Raza's best friend. Why do they march down streets holding signs calling him nasty names when he's defending them? Not too smart.

Now I think if you asked a million Americans, at least, LEGAL Americans ... if they thought Border Patrol agents should be allowed to shoot Mexican drug runners in the process of transporting drugs into the United States and then attacking and wrestling U.S. agents to the ground ... my guess would be about 90 percent in favor, but that's because Americans are not looking at the big picture. They aren't taking into account the effect this could have on diplomatic relations with the President of the most corrupt government in North America (Vincente Fox), who happens to be right in the middle of negotiations with the United States, Canada, and China, on what would amount to be the most important treaty ... in history, at least in THEIR eyes anyway.

I've said all along that there's more to this border security debate than we want to believe. Even Pat Robinson, while bashing the Bush administration for ignoring the dangers to our country, when asked why he thinks Bush is doing nothing ... even he states that he thinks it's because Bush actually believes it's the right thing to do. There's just much more to it then that, and I'm positive of it. Our government is burying these two border patrol agents because they interfered and endangered an under the table plan worked out between the governments of at least four countries.

Of course, it could have been simply because the 800 lbs of drugs was being transported with help from someone else in the U.S. Government, such as ... possibly whoever ordered the agents into Mexico to bring this guy back and give him amnesty. Maybe the fact that these two agents cost someone an awful lot of money ... that could be the motivation I was looking for earlier. Someone such as ... their boss?

But let's forget about that for a minute. As much as some people would love you to believe that Bush is stupid - he's not. He is well aware of what he's doing, and it's not because he thinks it's best for the country. I don't care if he had a second grade education, he would know amnesty is the wrong move. He would know that it's extremely important for ANY country to have a secure border. He would know that our border patrol agents are battling Mexican drug cartels and Mexican mafia every day.

The bottom line is that the entire border issue is about corporate money, the NAFTA Super Highway, and the North American Treaty, or Union for those of you are ready to take it that far.
George Bush got himself pushed into a corner through his agreements with various foreign governments and corporations and now he's stuck facing polls that show almost 90% of Americans wanting the border secured, but he's unable to do anything about it without pissing all over his power structure - that power structure being made up of multi-billion dollar corporate America, as well as foreign government leaders such as Canada's PM Steven Harper, Mexico's Vincente Fox, and China.

This entire border issue is centered around Corporate America wanting two things ... cheap labor, and cheap manufacturing of product. The answer to those needs are obviously solved by flooding the country with illegal/or "guest" workers willing to work for almost nothing, and by providing quick and easy transportation of goods into the United States from Mexico and China. For information on how this is being accomplished, read about the NAFTA Super Highway and NAFTA Railway, both currently in progress and paid for with your tax dollars.

This is not rocket science and it's not even dug deep enough to hide. It's obvious, it's advertised, and it's out of control. I've written about all of this before, so I'm not going to re-type it all again, but I'll paste all the links here so those of you who did not see it the first time can see what's going on. If you have any doubts at this point that there are disturbing reasons why our government is allowing our borders to be over-run, read the following information. I will again urge everyone to please complain to whoever you can, as loudly as you can. I've heard many people say they know it's happening, but they can't do anything about it, so they just want to ignore it so they don't stress out. There ARE things you can do and you start by letting your candidates know you will NOT be voting for them in November unless this situation is solved, WITHOUT any hint of amnesty or "comprehensive immigration reform." Tell them you want the border secured now, and you want illegals GONE. Tell them if your tax dollars are going to illegals for food, education, or medical at the time you go to the polls ... then your vote goes to someone else. And forward this post to everyone you know.

Here's quite a few of the links. There are SO many more, but too many to list here.

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