Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Businesses now filing lawsuits against competitors who hire illegals

I'm loving this one!

It's nice to see the business community standing up and doing what our government officials refuse to do. Rather than stoop to their competitor's level and resorting to hiring illegal aliens, some businesses are taking their competitors to court to force them to do business on equal terms.

As reported by the Associated Press:

In the first of a series of lawsuits, a temporary employment agency that supplies farm workers sued a grower and a two competing companies on Monday.

Similar cases claiming violations of federal anti-racketeering laws have yielded mixed results. The California lawsuit is believed to be the first based on a state's unfair-competition laws, legal experts said.

Santa Monica-based Global Horizons claimed in the lawsuit that Munger Brothers, a grower, hired illegal immigrant workers from Ayala Agricultural Services and J&A Contractors. All the defendants are based in California's farm-rich Central Valley.

The suit alleges that Munger Brothers had a contract with Global Horizons to provide more than 600 blueberry pickers this spring, but nixed the agreement so it could hire illegal immigrants.


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