Monday, August 21, 2006

What do Lance Armstrong and illegal aliens have in common?

It's hard enough to swallow the fact that our government simply does not care about millions of illegals running across our border undetected and unscreened. What's even more difficult to accept, is that they have now become so bold and aggressive, that they are now sprinting into the country ... ON BICYCLES!

Reuters is reporting:

Illegal immigrants and drug traffickers are using dilapidated bicycles to make a swift, night-time dash over the desert to Arizona from Mexico, border police say.

Border Patrol agents in the desert state are finding dozens of the bikes dumped at hamlets such as Three Points, southwest of Tucson, which are used as staging areas by smugglers ferrying marijuana and immigrants on to cities inland.

So, the bicycles can then be added to this section of the Arizona landscape, as seen in the photo at right, for the enjoyment of all.

"The illegals use bicycles, either riding them on ranch roads or the foot trails themselves, as a quicker means of getting north," said Border Patrol agent Kevin Nutwell as he inspected a rusty bike discarded on one lonely trail south of Three Points.

But once again, don't be fooled into believing these are simple migrants as the Reuters headline would like you to believe. As in every aspect of illegal immigration, a more sinister agenda is always close behind.

Nutwell said agents also found bicycles that had been rigged with special frames to carry bundles of marijuana along the back roads that crisscross the lonely stretch of desert.

"It's just one of the ingenious forms of smuggling that we come across; there's no end to it."

So you see? They're all geniuses, but they have to run drugs across the border on bikes to make money. Who needs a high school diploma when you're so ingenious that you can simply smuggle drugs?


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