Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Deported man sneaks back into country and murders ex-girlfriend

According to the N.Y. Post:
August 9, 2006 -- A jilted lover yesterday shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, then turned the gun on himself in the Queens bar where she worked, police said.

Louis Vallejo, 38, carried out the grisly murder-suicide yesterday in front of shocked patrons at the El Paisa Café on Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights, where the victim, Carolina Perez, 26, was a bartender.

Perez and Vallejo, both natives of Colombia, had been dating on and off for five years. But several months ago, Perez broke it off and returned to Colombia. She came back to the Big Apple and began seeing somebody else.

Perez wasn't worried about Vallejo because she had heard he'd been arrested and deported, the bar manager said.

But apparently, he slipped back into the United States.

A surveillance video is now circulating and has been shown on Fox news, showing the brutal murder in it's entirety.

How sad is that? Here's one person hoping this girl's family files a lawsuit against the Federal Government for not making any effort to keep this guy out of the country. If the victims of illegal alien crimes should start winning cases ... it might be the first time I find myself pulling for more frivilous lawsuits.

Any attorneys out there care to have a go at this one?

Of course, no word yet as to the victim's immigration status.


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