Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger threatened by "peaceful" illegal alien supporters

I came across an extremely talented blogger on MySpace of all places. Yes, there's actually a lot of blogging going on over there and it's not such a bad idea, being that it offers a built in networking platform.

While the ability to use MySpace to search for and attract like minded thinkers is a good thing, one drawback would be that it's just as easy for opposite thinkers to find YOU. That was the case for Fraulein Annika, a beautiful 26 year old LEGAL immigrant from Stockholm, Sweden. Annika was not a political blogger and most likely spent most of her time on MySpace answering friend requests and reading comments about her appearance, but things got nasty the moment she decided to offer an opinion on something extremely important, which happened to be the "illegal immigration debate."

What she wrote, although 100 percent accurate, and extremely well written, was simply not appreciated by supporters of La Raza and MEcha. So, Annika soon found herself removing her blog posts, in order to stop the onslaught of threatening and hateful comments. What I find amazing is that Annika tells me that she actually had her posts deleted at times by MySpace, due to complaints being made about what she wrote. This, I could understand ... IF she had written offensive and obnoxious language, or if she had made threats or offered hate speech in what she wrote. I am mystified at why MySpace would delete posts such as this, but allow posts such as THESE to remain. But I will let you be the judge on that.

Following is the post that caused the response, re-posted word for word (other than a single name deletion for their protection). Read it, and judge for yourself whether or not it calls for any type of hateful response. Then realize that the reason it garnered so much attention is simply because ... it's TRUE ... and La Raza and the Aztlan dreamers will stop at nothing to stop anyone from interfering with their plan.

Originally posted by Fraulein Annika on MySpace.

I wrote this blog yesterday and it got a very awkward reaction. If you know me in real life, you probably laughed your ass off and neglected to post a comment. However, those who only know me as the silly Swedish girl on myspace probably freaked out and deleted me as a friend. I don't care! I have like 1,500 anyway. I have a real life. My blog was written immediately after getting off the phone with my older sister who lives in L.A. She was terrified after learning that one of her close Hispanic friends is being threatened because she does not support the majority of her race in Southern California. She agrees that there should be regulations for becoming a citizen. Her parents did it. It took them nearly 15 years, but they did it right. She said that the true victims here are the honest, hard-working Mexicans that came here legally and are working hard to become citizens. They are having trouble but they are still doing it right. She said that the only people who are supporting this protest do not want citizenship, they want open borders so that they can have the benefits of the country without needing to be registered and pay taxes like the people who are trying to blend in with the rest of you.

I decided to repost this as a true blog. Please read this if you get the chance.

First off, I will refresh you with a little history about me. I am a 26 yr. old Caucasian female that is living legally in America. I am a citizen of Sweden and a legal resident of the U.S. I was born in Ireland and became a resident of the U.S. when I was 15 years old. I moved here from Stockholm to attend college in Dallas, TX. I love the United States most days and enjoy the freedoms I have to post blogs without being shot.

My family chose to migrate to a country that spoke English because we were raised speaking English. My father has a very good job in the white collar world and brought new jobs and a great wealth of tax dollars to this country. I am not a felon and would not have come here if I did not think that the U.S. and I could have a mutually beneficial effect on each other. I have never received free money from the states in which I have resided. I am not handicapped and have no children; therefore, I do not qualify for any financial assistance.

My personal feelings about this holiday are not a reflection of everyone in Europe. Please do not tell others that my opinions reflect the people of Sweden. These are my opinions.

I have researched the facts behind the demonstration in L.A. and watched it live on the news. I saw many Hispanics claiming that they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do. That is a lie. The reason America is a strong nation is because Americans will do anything. Before the Hispanics came here, people still mowed their lawns and cleaned public restrooms. In fact, those were the jobs that the teenagers did primarily because they weren't partying as much and wanted extra income so that their parents didn't have to pay for everything. Many young girls had babysitting jobs and a lot of boys had paper routes and washed their neighbors vehicles. These things were not neglected because there were no Hispanics to do the job.

The "Peaceful Protest" was about opening the borders. The people did not want citizenship. They want an easier path to citizenship. Well, guess what? I am not a citizen. I do not want an easier path. I want to know that everyone in the process has had their entire lives under a microscope. I want to know that if there is a convicted child molester from another country; his crime will not be over-looked to expedite his process. I want it to be hard. It is for me. I have to prove everything to the Government. They want every bit of information I can provide or else they say "No!". I like that. It makes me feel more secure.

I am also shocked that many of the marchers brought their children. It was painful to see that they did not care that the stroller they were pushing with their baby inside could get trampled if a fight broke out. There was no excuse for children being present. That is neglect. I would never allow my offspring to be in a situation where I know that a third of the people present are carrying weapons. That is not an assumption. The Mecha Web Forums were urging the attendees of the march to bring guns and knives.

From here on out, I have reposted the blog that outlines the things that I discussed with others before the March.

May 1 is celebrated as May Day, or International Worker's Day. This is the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago, Illinois. The date was later endorsed by the Soviet Government, and subsequently stopped being celebrated as a major holiday in the United States.

Today groups such as M.E.C.H.A. and La Raza ("The Race") are staging protests in Los Angeles and other areas in support of amnesty for all illegal aliens within the United States of Mexican origin. These groups claim to seek the liberation of lands conquered or purchased by the United States government. This is what the MEChA Constitution says (Article II, section 1):"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."

M.E.C.H.A.'s own motto translates as follows:"For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing."

Both groups are easily visible on college campuses all over California, and reports of their statements are consistent with the statements I read and heard while attending University of California Davis. Mario Obledo, co-founder of (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund [MALDEF] ), considered one of the premier Hispanic activist organizations, stated in June 1998:"California is going to become a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should go back to Europe. Eventually we will take over all the political institutions of California."

Here's a theoretical question:If 500,000 Norwegians with no identification crossed the border into Sweden, and began rioting in the streets in Stockholm, waving Norwegian flags and demanding that Sweden open their border to Norway, what would the appropriate response for the Swedish government be?

Of course, no one behind this is interested in citizenship. If illegal aliens became citizens, Wal-Mart would have to pay them more than $2.00 an hour. The meat-packing and agricultural industries would have to start following all the worker regulations they have been skirting since they started hiring illegal aliens under the table. Tyson Foods is not giving their employees the day off because they want them to come back as citizens. Otherwise they would have hired U.S. citizens in the first place.

The goal here is to officially stop enforcing the U.S./Mexican border, and create a limitless supply of slave labor. At the same time, the Mexican government, which is known to smuggle drugs into the U.S., is in the process of decriminalizing marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

What this amounts to is Wal-mart and Tyson Foods passing their labor costs off onto the government. Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American labor leader who led protests against businesses who hired illegal aliens, understood this and fought it. What is at stake is the very concept of the United States as a sovereign nation, rather than a transnational corporate collective presiding over a number of territories in North America and Asia.

If you really want a disheartening picture of what is happening, research the sources of funding for organizations like La Raza, M.E.C.H.A., and MALDEF. It may lead you to unexpected conclusions which transcend conventional American Democrat/Republican paradigms. When both parties collaborate with an invading army in the homeland, while at the same time acquiring new colonies in the middle east, I can see no other logical conclusion.

I have to say that there's no way I could have given a better discription of the current immigration situation in this country. Thank you Annika!

Annika now blogs at FrauleinSpace.com.


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