Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why aren't more Republican candidates understanding how to win?

The results speak for themselves. Poll after poll shows Americans want the borders secure. All polls, without exception, show Americans DO NOT want amnesty for illegals currently in the country. Americans want action, and they want it now!

So, why are we being ignored? Why do even Republicans, for the most part, ignore the issue when giving speeches, or interviews? Why do more Republicans refuse to follow the example of African-American Republican candidate for Congress - Vernon Robinson, which would be to talk straight, talk openly, and talk blunt about the border issue and illegal immigration. Here is just one television ad by Vernon Robinson that helped give him an overwhelming victory in the primary.

Being African-American and running as a conservative Republican, Robinson is guaranteed to be attacked unmercifully by all liberals and many fellow African-Americans. You are simply not allowed to run for any government position if you are black, unless you are on THEIR side. If you run against them on any issue, you are automatically labeled an Uncle Tom and a traitor to your own race. Robinson, has already experienced this.

On his own website, he notes, via the Associated Press:

The AP reports that State Supreme Court candidate Rachel Lea Hunter (D.-N.C.) recently wrote about Robinson on her website:"Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation."

Due to complaints, she later revised her statement to describe Robinson's behavior as that of an "Uncle Tom."

Yes, THAT came from a woman actually running for State Supreme Court Justice! Can you imagine this woman making decisions of that importance? I've spent some time on her website this morning and I've decided that I absolutely have to devote an entire post to just how dangerous this woman is. So stay tuned for that.

No doubt, this particular attack that Hunter issued is just the beginning and most likely mere fluff compared to what he'll have coming if his career should continue to be successful.

This is why politicians sell out. This is why they bury their heads in a hole and hide from what they know to be the right direction. But they aren't paying attention to the results of the elections. The only candidates that will lose by following Robinson's example ... are democrats, and I believe that in reality ... even some democrats would win by standing on these issues. Only in excessively left-wing areas such as California, New York City, Maryland, and Connecticut will it fail.

When George Bush won the Presidency, he did so heavily due to Americans' belief that he talked honestly and open about his beliefs and on issues that mattered. Americans, at that time, were convinced that Bush meant what he said and they believed in the agenda he put forth, which was to fix the immigration problem and secure the U.S. from hostile intentions. Why is it so tough for them to understand why his poll numbers within the conservative party are so low? When his close aids are asked about his poll numbers within the Republican party, they seem to think it has to do with Iraq. Republicans understand Iraq. Democrats also use these poll numbers to attack Bush on Iraq, but they have nothing to do with Iraq. Bush's poll numbers (among conservatives) are hurting because of lack of action on stopping illegal immigration - PERIOD. If Bush were to suddenly issue an order to throw any CEO caught hiring illegals into jail for ten years ... his numbers among conservatives would be at 75 percent favorable - instantly. At least, as soon as we saw that it was for real. Obviously, we might be skeptical, based on his constant broken promises of ceasing the catch and release program. We've now learned to wait about six months before believing anything Bush or Chertoff promise. They usually break the promise the very next morning, if not sooner.

So why doesn't Bush do this? Well, that is a much more in-depth topic that I will be posting the answer to later this morning. Of course, depending on when you read this ... you'll have most likely read that post first, since the blogger format places posts by most recent - on top. I don't plan on getting any sleep for a while. But for now, I'll finish this topic first.

I believe every candidate running for office who is honestly opposed to ANY type of amnesty and who supports the complete stoppage of illegal immigration - should hire Vernon Robinson's marketing firm. You should campaign bluntly, without fear, and remember that over 85% of Americans WANT the border secure and want nothing to do with amnesty. Additionally, every time gay marriage goes to the ballot, it gets voted down by about the same margin. THAT's what got Vernon Robinson a victory, and it's what got him the overwhelming support of almost every republican. Here is a replay of his appearance on FoxNews, where you can get a pretty good idea what this man is about. I realize they show part of the same clip you've already seen above, but bare with it and watch the interview. It's worth it.

My hope is that every conservative in office, and every conservative running for office will realize what Americans want. If the republicans running for office understand this, and run hard on these issues, and if the incumbents they are running against, be it Republican or Democrat should ignore the obvious ... then we'll no doubt find ourselves with an entirely new conservatively run government.

The truth is that conservatives are confused right now. We are confused as to how to handle the current situation. We know we can't vote for democrats in November, but we also do not see many options on our own side that look any better. As for myself, I'm not sure what is worse. Do I vote for a democrat who might make gay marriage legal, or do I vote for a republican who will erase our borders and turn us into a third world country? I think I'll go with the gay marriage. So please ... give us another option!

Here are several more Vernon Robinson ads that have him holding overwhelming support. To all you candidates out there ... pay attention! If I were running for office, I would contact his marketing director. In order to help you out ... I'll put it at the bottom of this post. And to all you DailyKos readers ... NO, I've never met or spoken to Vernon Robinson, or Kay Daly, or anyone associated with his campaign ... yet. But I hope to. You should all be more worried about Kay Daly then you are Karl Rove.

Here are the rest of his radio ads:

Vernon Robinson Mariachi radio ad, click here.

Vernon Robinson Beverly Hillbilly radio ad, click here.

Vernon Robinson Bill Cosby radio ad, click here.

As printed on Vernon Robinson's website:

These advertisements were produced by Daly & Associates, Inc., a strategic communications/target marketing firm. If you are a candidate, corporate entity or non-profit with a need to get your message out, contact Kay Daly at


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