Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mexican residents crossing U.S. border daily; to attend school

It’s not just illegal aliens attending our schools on taxpayer money. Apparently, some border towns have Mexican citizens crossing back and forth on a daily basis to receive their American taxpayer funded free education.

In Calexico, California, American citizens are being bused across town because of overcrowding by Mexican citizens.

Via the Associated Press and Breitbart.com:

Every day along the 1,952-mile border, children from Mexico cross into the United States and attend public schools. No one keeps statistics on how many.

In response to citizen complaints, the school district has actually hired a photographer to take photos of kids crossing the border, in an attempt to identify those who don’t belong. As usual, not all of those who’s job it is to serve American citizens agree:

Jesus Gandara, superintendent of the Sweetwater district, with 44,000 students along San Diego's border with Mexico, said tracking children at the border goes too far. "If you do that, you're playing immigration agent," he said.

Somebody should find out if Jesus Gandara is crossing the border along with the students.

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