Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Please join and support American Citizens First

We are asking all Americans to please join the cause by registering and supporting American Citizens First.

American Citizens First
is the official organizer and contact for the California portion of the March for America.

Please join us in this battle to protect our country's borders and security.


"American citizens" are those persons who have legally obtained citizenship in the United States of America, be they white, brown, black, gay, or straight. Regardless of origin of birth, color of skin, sexual preference, or even criminal history.

It is the goal of ACF to insure that all taxes collected from American citizens shall be spent to benefit American citizens, except in such cases as foreign disaster relief or humanitarian aid.

American citizens should not be required to pay for the education, medical care, or to otherwise benefit any person who is in this country illegally.

American citizens should not have their wages driven down due to the existence of workers who are in this country illegally.

The main purpose of ACF is to ensure that the government of the United States does not use taxpayer funds to benefit foreigners who ignore our laws, and that all jobs be given to American citizens FIRST, followed only by those non-citizens who have followed ALL laws regarding entry to this great country.


For a complete breakdown of our goals and beliefs, click here.

To register with American Citizens First, click here.
To donate, click here.

American Citizens First


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