Friday, December 14, 2007

Invading America's official Presidential endorsement, and why I will not be supporting Ron Paul

Against all reason, Mike Huckabee is currently sitting on top of the polls and seemingly pulling away. He is the worst of the worst. This is a man who once called the Minutemen a group of bigots and xenophobes. His recent posting of an immigration plan to his website was just as disgusting. It was nothing but a copy and paste of someone elses plan and when asked about it the next day in several interviews ... he couldn't even discuss the contents of the plan because HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT SAID! Pathetic!

There's too much to dislike about Huckabee to include in this single blog post, so I'll urge you to GO HERE for the entire listing of vomit producing Huckabee facts.

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a big Tancredo man, but of course we can see that's going nowhere. To me, there's no other choice at this point than Fred Thompson. He's been consistent on all topics and his stances that are posted on his website today are pretty much what he stood for ten years ago. There are a few concerns I have with some of his prior connections, but the bottom line for me is that with every other candidate … we LOSE even if they manage to get elected. We already KNOW they suck!

With Fred ... there's at least hope.

Fred Thompson is strong on national defense.
Fred Thompson has swore to build the border fence.
Fred Thompson has swore to oppose ALL amnesty related legislation.
Fred Thompson is and always has been a defender of the 2nd Amendment.
Fred Thompson has committed to abolishing the IRS as we know it.
Fred Thompson has committed to the traditional family structure and family values.
Fred Thompson has pledged to advance freedom of religion.
Fred Thompson has pledged to appoint strict constructionist judges.
Fred Thompson has a 100% pro-life voting record.

I urge you to compare the candidates on the important issues for conservatives. CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to view Fred Thompson's entire immigration plan.

You won't find a better plan anywhere, especially from anyone who doesn't already have a record which contradicts it.

See other comparisons HERE, HERE, and HERE.

There's truly no comparison.

Now, let's get to the whole Ron Paul fiasco. In the last six months I've lost over 1000 friends from my list for not supporting Ron Paul. Ron Paul supporters are mostly made up of fanatical, anarchist, Bush hating, anti-war, druggies, and 9-11 Truthers who only care about the Constitution now while it benefits them. They claim to be against large government controls, but what they are really against ... is ANY control. They are against ANYONE who would tell them they can't do something. They usually hate cops, hate Bush, hate school, want to legalize drugs, and would eliminate the military if they had their way. And just try asking a Ron Paul supporter about religion. Heh.

Yes, I know there are exceptions, but the exceptions are the few. The exceptions tend to be those who don't spend a great deal of time doing research or watching the news. They are usually teenagers, college kids, or the elderly who don't have the ability to research who the man really is. They have usually been pulled into this "fad" by a relative, loved one, or group of friends who have filled them full of Paulbot propaganda. And of course, a great deal of them live here on MySpace, and I don't use the world "live" lightly. Most likely, they wouldn't even be able to tell you anything about the man, and I've noticed that most Ron Paul supporters I've spoken to have never even seen the man speak!

I know for me, all it took was the first time. The first time I saw him speak I actually started laughing! This man would pull our military from all foreign lands, he'd cut off all military funding, and he actually believes that if we simply IGNORE Islamic countries, that Muslims will suddenly stop following the teachings of Mohammed! They'll throw their Qur'ans away! They'll suddenly all become our friends. Ron Paul believes it's "none of our business" whether or not countries like Iran and Syria develop nuclear weapons. Ron Paul believes Islamic radicals hate the United States because we're in Iraq, completely ignoring the fact that the Qur'an specifically teaches Muslims to murder all non-believers and wage war upon them wherever they live. Ron Paul believes allowing people such as Sadr to have long range nukes is the fair thing to do. Good GOD!!

Will someone please tell Ron Paul to read the Qur'an? Someone needs to let him know their hatred has nothing to do with our foreign policy. It's the Qur'an, stupid.

But don't expect Ron Paul supporters to grasp this. Ron Paul supporters believe we can be lovely bubbly cuddly friends with THESE GUYS.

At virtually every rally and protest I attend, there are scattered groups of Ron Paul supporters. The overwhelming majority of them are between 16-25, tattooed over most of their body, dressed as if they're from Berkeley California or Woodstock, and carrying signs or stickers stating that 9/11 was an inside job, Blood for Oil, Stop Bush's War, yada yada yada ...

There's absolutely NOTHING conservative about Ron Paul supporters and in fact, they tend to be far left. This is why they are currently in the middle of a "Change Your Party" push, where they are urging supporters to "register as Republicans" so you can vote for Paul in the Republican primary. Conservatives my ass!

Here's what's really telling about Ron Paul supporters...

Since I've been writing on illegal aliens and Islamic Radicals, I've received death threats on a routine basis. What's pathetic is that I've received more death threats or threats of violence from Ron Paul supporters than from supporters of Islam and illegal aliens combined.

VOTE FOR FRED THOMPSON, and let the Ron Paul hate mail begin!

Note: Stay tuned for updates! I'll be posting the hate mail as it arrives.

For more information on the people our next President is going to have to protect us from, CLICK HERE.


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