Friday, December 28, 2007

Blogburst for Fred Thompson

Last week I announced that we were officially endorsing Fred Thompson for the Republican nomination. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made in choosing a candidate. Never before have I felt so confident that ANY other choice would lead to the end of our way of life in this country. In our official endorsement announcement last week, I wrote this:

To me, there's no other choice at this point than Fred Thompson. He's been consistent on all topics and his stances that are posted on his website today are pretty much what he stood for ten years ago. There are a few concerns I have with some of his prior connections, but the bottom line for me is that with every other candidate … we LOSE even if they manage to get elected. We already KNOW they suck!

With Fred ... there's at least hope.

Fred Thompson is strong on national defense.
Fred Thompson has swore to build the border fence.
Fred Thompson has swore to oppose ALL amnesty related legislation.
Fred Thompson is and always has been a defender of the 2nd Amendment.
Fred Thompson has committed to abolishing the IRS as we know it.
Fred Thompson has committed to the traditional family structure and family values.
Fred Thompson has pledged to advance freedom of religion.
Fred Thompson has pledged to appoint strict constructionist judges.
Fred Thompson has a 100% pro-life voting record.

I urge you to compare the candidates on the important issues for conservatives. CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to view Fred Thompson's entire immigration plan.

You won't find a better plan anywhere, especially from anyone who doesn't already have a record which contradicts it.

See other comparisons HERE, HERE, and HERE.

There's truly no comparison.

Now, I’m asking for your help.

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nuthouse has started a blogburst for Fred Thompson

The idea is to have as many blogs as possible posting for Fred Thompson today (Friday, Dec 28th). At the same time, Fred Thompson is on a hard push to raise funds for a television ad that his campaign wants to run in Iowa next week. We need him to reach this goal.

I urge you to support this campaign in any way possible. If you write a blog, please dedicate your blog to raising awareness to this campaign. If you can find any way possible to make a donation, no matter how small, please do so. Even $5 will make a difference.

Below is the television add that your funds will help to air.

Directly from the Fred08 website:

We’re a little over $100,000 away from hitting our goal. So the Blogburst for Fred continues.

John Hawkins has pulled out all the stops. You know Fred doing well in Iowa is that important to him.

If we meet our goal of $248,846 by 6:00 pm it will make a difference. Fred’s bus tour is taking his conservative message directly to Iowa voters. What he needs is this ad to run until the Iowa caucuses to make sure Fred has a solid performance:

With your efforts we’re getting there. For that I offer thanks. But I need to ask for more from you. Please send 10 friends this e-card to “help fill the tank on the Old Red Pickup.”

Rick Moran, the instigator of the blogburst, wrote, “A man like this deserves the second look that Iowans are giving him. Doesn’t he deserve your support as well?” Getting “Substance” on the air will let Iowans know there is a clear conservative choice, and that’s Fred Thompson. Let’s “Keep on Truckin’ for Fred.”

UPDATE: Jim Lynch got inspired:

In fact, I just had an idea (it’s about time, 2007 is almost over) Who is willing to join me by skipping lunch and throwing that couple of bucks into the truck’s gas tank?

A few bucks here, a few bucks there. That adds up to real money. What are you ideas?


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