Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Homeland Security, Immigration seemingly ignoring missing illegals
FBI searches for 11 missing Egyptians
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1 of the 11 is found in Minnisota!
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At what point will the American people stand up and say enough is enough? How much has to happen before we, as citizens of this country, decide to take our blinders off and act on the fact that our leaders are simply ignoring our wishes. And once we have the answer to this question, what action will each of us take as we come to the decision that we want it to stop?

Many of you are probably like me in that although you see what’s going on, you have this part of you that keeps saying that everything will be okay. You want to believe that our leaders in Washington have a goal, or a plan, and a desire to protect our country. I’ve had many friends, family members, and letters from readers who all seem to have this same feeling of being protected, yet … what we see with our own eyes each day overwhelmingly contradicts this thought. That is, if we are truly paying attention.

Most Americans, when faced with the topic of “illegal immigration” automatically become locked into a sort of tunnel vision relating it only to poor Mexicans running across the border to find work. Proclaiming that one is “anti-illegal immigration” will immediately draw accusations from many of the ignorant or uninformed of racism or bigotry, even though the word “illegal-immigrant” has nothing to do with any specific race.

As WorldNetDaily so correctly reported over a year ago:
Of the 800,000 illegal aliens caught trying to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border since October, more than 10 percent are from countries other than Mexico, posing serious national security issues.
"We're now concerned about the potential for terrorists coming across the border because of the huge increases in 'other than Mexicans,' people coming from abroad through Mexico, across our southern border," says Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz. "Our country has intelligence that tells us that al-Qaida specifically desires to bring people across our border."
According to new Border Patrol numbers, a record 98,000 of these "other than Mexicans," or OTMs, have been apprehended in the last eight months. That's up 175 percent from this same time last year.
While OTMs are supposed to be held for deportation, because of overcrowded conditions in detention centers, 70 percent are released and few show up for immigration hearings.
Even those from countries on terrorist watch lists are released into the general population after a 180-day detention.

And on a more recent note, this report just last week about a Palestinian illegal, with connections to terrorist fundraising, who our government has been TRYING to deport unsuccessfully for over 27 years! Read this report by Bill West on the Counterterrorism Blog here.

And then there’s this today, where we find that 11 Egyptian students arrived over a month ago on student visas, and conveniently VANISHED rather than report to Montana State University. Of course, the FBI tells us there is no terrorist threat by these individuals. Makes sense to me! Eleven Egyptians enter our country on a student visa, never show up for school, are unable to be located, and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Okay.

So, why are we doing nothing? Why do 99.9 percent of us wake up each morning, read these stories, allow our blood pressure to boil over, voice our objections to our spouse or co-workers, and then go on with the rest of our day as if it’s just going to go away?

Please! I urge every one of you to realize that you must act. Call and write your congressional representative. Browse the internet for anti-illegal immigration groups and sign up. Participate in anti-“ILLEGAL” immigration protests. Don’t just watch them on television. If each and every one of us fail to take part in this process, nothing will ever be changed. The ACLU and La Raza are all organized, loud, and visible. The number of visible protests on American soil by groups such as Hamas and Hizollah are unbelievably real. Don’t believe me? Look here. Don’t just read this article and get stressed out. DO SOMETHING!!!

I will be updating this post with information for any of you interested in actually helping out.

Please check back often and do what you can.

For information on anti-illegal protests in your area, go here.

**Update 2!
One of the eleven missing Egyptian students have now been found in Minnisota. Read the report here.

Michelle Malkin points out that there are Al Qaeda links in Minnisota.


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