Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More whining, crying, pro illegal alien propaganda

Ohio restaurant owner makes living off of illegal workers

While doing research this morning, I noticed the associated press had managed to plaster a single article into almost every local newspaper throughout the country. That’s not really unusual with all that’s going on, with the war, and Castro near death. What’s unusual about the extent of this article’s national attention, is the subject. The topic is not the expanding of operations by Israel into Lebanon. It’s not about Cuba being close to celebrating the death of one of the world’s most famous tyrants. And it’s not about worries of nuclear arms in Iran. This story which appears this morning in local newspapers in cities all over the United States, is about the worries of a small time grocery store owner in Middletown, Ohio, who is stressed about the loss of business due to ILLEGAL aliens fleeing the county.

By DAN SEWELL, Associated Press
MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - At his Tienda La Raza grocery store and restaurant, Jose Bravo sells Spanish-language DVDs and Mexico soccer jerseys, chorizo sausage and chopped cactus. Lately, there has been another hot seller — one-way bus tickets out of here.

"People that had been in the United States for a while, who were planning to stay, now they feel scared," Bravo said. He said he has sold at least 10 tickets in recent weeks to people who are moving to Michigan or other parts of Ohio, or who have decided to go back to Mexico.
Tough talk on immigration over the past year in Butler County has alarmed some of the area's immigrants, many of whom work in construction in this booming area midway between Cincinnati and Dayton.

I feel his pain.

Oh, did you catch the name of his grocery store? That would be the La Raza grocery store and restaurant. Yeah, I know. Sweet!

For those of you who are not familiar with La Raza (The Race), read this previous post.

So once again, this is another article filled with mention of the struggles of “immigrants” and “migrant workers.” Once again, another writer makes an attempt at playing with the emotions of readers who might not notice or be aware enough to realize the inability of certain people to grasp the difference between legal immigration and ILLEGAL immigration. Writer Dan Sewell quotes one of the legal workers:

Bravo, who is a legal immigrant, said Mexicans who are here illegally talk of life in "the Golden Cage" — going out only to work, then hiding in their homes.

I guess that would be the “shadows” Bush was talking about. As ‘El Presidente might say … “poor fella.”

And of course, no controversy could truly be legitimate without participation from our favorite communist organization:

The American Civil Liberties Union decried as vigilantism the detention in May of 18 undocumented immigrants working at a construction site.

I’m sure everyone can agree that it’s a violation of civil liberties to detain a person who commits a crime. You know? That “living, breathing constitution” and all.

But you know that there are always solutions and ways to work out our differences, and who better to work toward these mutual understandings than a liberal, activist college professor:

Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, a Miami University professor of Spanish and Latin American studies in Hamilton, last summer helped start a group, now about 75 strong, that has organized community forums and a legal-information fair for immigrants.


That’s “ILLEGAL” immigrants, otherwise known as LAWBREAKERS.

“Legal-information fair?”

Yeah … I believe that means … ‘free legal advice to illegals.” What are the odds the professor is also offering free college tuition?

But with all of that, the story saves the most incredibly nauseating propaganda for last:

During Bible school this summer, some three dozen children, none of them Hispanic, at Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Hamilton learned songs in Spanish, played with a pinata and maracas, and made fleece blankets that say "Jesus Loves Me" in English and Spanish to send to a sister church in Mexico.

Hold me!

Full article is here.


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