Monday, August 07, 2006

Deadly highway crash involving illegals

UPDATED!! Scroll for updates

Something is not right with this story. My gut tells me that there are some important facts conveniently left out of this write up by Breitbart.

Here's the original story, in full, as published online at

9 Illegal Immigrants Die in Ariz. Crash

YUMA, Ariz.
Nine illegal immigrants were killed in a highway crash Monday while trying to elude Border Patrol agents, and at least 12 others were injured, officials said.
The large sport utility vehicle carrying up to 22 people swerved to avoid a spike strip put out by Border Patrol agents, Sheriff's Maj. Leon Wilmot said.
Four victims died at the scene and five others were pronounced dead at a hospital, he said.
Five of the injured were in
critical condition, Wilmot said.

I could be wrong. It's possible that this is a quick public release of the information they had at the time, but then again ... maybe not. It just seems to me that it's missing some obvious information such as ... what kind of crash was it? The story says they were "injured while trying to elude Border Patrol agents," but it doesn't say there was a crash, and if the crash involved any other vehicles. Did they all get hurt falling on top of each other in an evasive maneuver? Did the driver roll the truck? Did it roll down an embankment and into a cement divider? Or did they cross the center divider and run head on into an American family of four?

Just a few more questions that come to my mind are ...

Why was the spike strip put down by the border patrol? Was there a chase? What caused the chase?

Were there any other vehicles involved in the crash?

If so, were all the fatalities and injuries to the illegals, or were there American citizens involved also. If so, why is there no mention?

It just looks like another case of a writer carefully wording an article to make the illegals look like victims. I'm predicting we'll see more on this, most likely via the ACLU and other pro-illegal groups who will charge the Border Patrol caused the accident through negligence or excessive actions.

Update -

MSNBC reports the following:

A vehicle filled with suspected illegal immigrants rolled over early Monday, resulting in nine deaths and 12 injuries, five of them critical, authorities said. The single-vehicle accident occurred on a road about a mile west of U.S. 95 when the driver of a large SUV carrying up to 22 people attempted to make a U-turn with Border Patrol agents in pursuit and the vehicle rolled over when he lost control, a Border Patrol spokesman said.

‘They’re like sardines’It wasn't clear Monday afternoon where all the victims had died but the death remained at nine regardless. Frers said the SUV's driver had tried to circumvent a checkpoint on the highway when agents saw the vehicle and tried to intercept it. He said he did not know how fast either vehicle was traveling.

"The Suburban was grossly overloaded, and it's difficult to handle on that kind of (dirt) road," Frers said. Immigrant-smugglers frequently pack a large number of people into older vans or SUVs that often have mechanical problems, resulting in often-fatal accidents.
"They just pile in; they're like sardines," Frers said. "It's unfortunate."

Sad as this is, the fortunate part is that there were no innocent families killed on the way home from church.

How many more Mexicans have to die before El Presidente builds a wall?

Meanwhile, I await the ACLU and La Raza press conferences.


Blogger Publius said...

You know this will provide fodder for both the ACLU and La Raze not to mention Teddy Kennedy and Bush to show that American is evil for trying to put up walls that would have prevented any vehicle from ever getting across the border to have flipped in the first place. I saw the story too, and I guess naive as I am, I thought it spoke for itself how this is most likely not an isolated incident, and in fact is indicative of the lawlessness and outright invasion of our Southern Border.

7:27 PM  

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