Monday, August 07, 2006

Are politicians paying attention?
Illegal issues, border security winning votes!

There are two issues that seem to be consistently winning elections throughout the country, at every level. Time and time again, candidates who support tough border security and traditional marriage are coming out victorious. Is anyone paying attention?

Even in California, which traditionally votes heavily democratic, republicans strong on security issues are proving once again that liberals never seem to understand why it is that they lose elections. It seems that every time they lose, instead of realizing they might be on the wrong side of the issues ... they stick to their agendas and insist they simply didn't do a good job of getting out the message. As for me, I'm hoping they stick to that plan.

As reported back on June 7th by WILLIAM FINN BENNETT on

Illegal immigration appears to have trumped ethics reform as the most compelling issue on the minds of voters in Tuesday's 50th Congressional District election to pick a temporary replacement for the seat formerly held by Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Wednesday's vote tallies showed Republican Brian Bilbray, the candidate who made putting a stop to illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, with about 5,000 more votes than Democrat Francine Busby.

I question why liberals are so confident they will pick up seats in 2008 when voters have consistently shown contempt for their arrogance. I hate giving advice to the enemy, but if they would only listen to the wishes of Americans, rather than to illegal aliens and Hollyweird ... they just might win something.

As evidence that liberals still have their ears plugged, here's what each candidate said after the election:

Busby (the loser) - "we still feel very good about the campaign we ran."

Bilbray (the winner) - "It means that immigration is the No. 1 issue and that amnesty is not the answer to illegal immigration," he said.


Read the full story here.


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