Sunday, October 08, 2006

Illegals file lawsuit against Wendy's

This is a bizarre story. Apparently Wendys was hiring illegal workers and given the chance to file legal papers which would make these illegals ... legal? Okay, that's confusing enough but now it seems that because Wendy's did not file the legal papers before a cutoff date ... the illegal aliens who were illegally working at a restaurant who hired them illegally have filed a lawsuit.

Errr ... right.

Via the Associated Press:

A group of illegal immigrants who worked for Wendy's International Inc. is suing the restaurant chain because the company fired them after discovering it had missed a deadline for joining a federal program that would have helped them attain legal status.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in state district court in Houston, is a companion to a similar class-action suit filed last month in Dallas against Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy's, its subsidiary Cafe Express and the Houston-based business law firm Boyar & Miller.

The immigrants, who worked for Cafe Express, are seeking unspecified damages.

Between the two lawsuits, 40 illegal immigrants say they were fired after the company recently found that Boyar & Miller, the law firm Wendy's had hired, never filed paperwork for a 2001 legalization program that allowed immigrants with employer sponsorship or an American spouse to apply for citizenship.

Once the discovery was made, Wendy's was forced by law to fire the employees because of their illegal status.

I think Wendy's might be getting off lucky. If I had MY way ... all competing fast food chains in the area would also be filing lawsuits against them for unfair business practices and illegal hiring. All this could have been avoided if Wendy's had simply hired AMERICAN CITIZENS rather than illegals. Or am I to believe there are no American kids willing to work at Wendys?

I'm officially never eating Wendy's again. They ought to be next in line on the boycott list, right behind Miller Brewing Co.

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