Wednesday, September 20, 2006

House passes bill requiring photo IDs for voters

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Via the Associated Press:

House voted Wednesday to require Americans to show proof of citizenship in order to vote, and the Senate moved to build a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border as Republicans sharpened attacks on illegal immigration before the midterm elections.

The 228-196 House vote on a new photo ID plan and the Senate's consideration of the fence were both part of a get-tough policy on illegal immigrants that Republicans have embraced after Congress' failure to agree on broader legislation that would set a path for undocumented workers to attain citizenship.

Things seem to be rolling just months before the November elections, but are these last minute actions by Republican leaders nothing more than an illusion? This is a great first step but I'll believe it when I see it, and even if this bill gets all the way through the Senate and is signed by the President ... the ACLU will make an attempt to drag it through the court system as unconstitutional.

It's not that hard these days to find a judge willing to impose their own personal views over the wishes of all Americans and it's highly likely that someone will slap this down, at least long enough to get through the next election cycle. But even so, it's promising.

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***Update: Not that it's really an update, but more just to point out that democrats actually balked at this bill. The same party which drags every election through the court system arguing about election fraud is opposed to verifying that voters are actually ELIGIBLE TO VOTE. Absurd.

Via the Washington Times:

The House yesterday passed legislation that would require voters to show a valid photo identification in federal elections over the overwhelming objections of Democrats who compared the bill to segregation-era measures aimed at disenfranchising Southern blacks.

The Federal Election Integrity Act was approved on a nearly party-line 228-196 vote. Republicans backed the bill 224-3, with three nonvoters; Democrats opposed it 192-4, with five nonvoters. They were joined in opposition by the House's one independent member.

Again, we hear the nonsensical argument that apparently suggests that Democrats believe Southern blacks are not capable or smart enough to get themselves a valid ID card. It never ceases to amaze me why blacks in America would support these morons.

I'm trying to find the roll call on this. I'll post the names of the three Republicans who voted against it as soon as I find it, but it's not hard to guess who they are.

***Update2: Here are the lone Republicans voting against requiring voters to show valid Identification:

Charles Bass (Hew Hampshire) View website here.

Don Young (Alaska) View website here.

Jeb Bradley ( New Hampshire) View website here.

Feel free to contact them and ask what part of this simple concept they fail to understand.


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