Friday, September 29, 2006

Dallas School District importing teachers from Mexico; Bypassing Americans

I've had about all I can take. What does it take to motivate Americans?

Via the Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas Independent School District has signed an agreement with Mexico's education secretary that will let Dallas hire 40 bilingual teachers next year from south of the border, according to Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. The arrangement clears some red tape by allowing teachers into the United States on three-year work visas.

State law requires that Spanish-speaking students in elementary schools be taught by Spanish-speaking teachers. Last year, 945 classrooms in DISD did not meet that requirement. This school year, the district set out to hire 450 bilingual teachers and is close to meeting that goal.

Are you telling me they can't find any bi-lingual teachers in the U.S.? I'll stipulate that it might be difficult to find 450 bilingual teachers living in the Dallas area, but how about bringing them in from other areas? The answer? Cheap labor!

Where are the teacher's Unions on this? Still supporting open borders?

Read the entire story here.

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