Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slave owners who call themselves humanitarians

I’ve always found it amazing how “moral” most liberals see themselves, even as they fight to hold onto everything immoral. While constantly announcing to the world how “good” they are, they order conservatives to “keep your morals to yourselves.”

Last week I saw a college age girl exit a car plastered from bumper to bumper with hypocrisy. Displayed proudly upon the upper rear window was a sticker containing artwork of a Christian cross, with a red circled “X” on top of it that read … “Keep your religion to yourself.” My first thought was why doesn’t she feel it equally important to keep her “lack of religion” to herself? As if that was not bad enough, it wasn’t the only sticker on the car. The entire car was wallpapered with anti-conservative and anti-religious slogans. This girl’s car was nothing but a moving billboard of her views, beliefs, and desires. There was the “Legalize Cannabis,” “Bush is Hitler,” “Pro Choice,” “Pro Child, Pro Choice,” “Free the Palestinians, “Question Authority,” “Make love, not war,” and so many more. She is totally oblivious to how absurd it is that she shoves her every opinion in the world’s face, while telling us to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Again, the standard liberal hypocrisy of … freedom of expression and freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t conflict with their desires. I use the word “desires” rather than “views” because that is what liberal “views” are all about. Their views are slanted, warped, twisted, and manipulated in whatever way needed to support their desires, rather than the other way around.

By now you’re asking yourself “what does all of this have to do with the ILLEGAL immigration issue? To answer that I will point you to an article printed yesterday from the Capitol Times on Madison.com.

John Rosenow: We’re obliged to know the hopes of our employees from Mexico

I believe the headline itself would be enough to make Oprah get emotional, but the depth of Rosenow’s self-congratulatory, self-worshiping can only make one believe that he is the second coming of Christ. Oh wait … I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Rosenow seems to have actually convinced himself that he hires Mexican workers for humanitarian reasons rather than for the benefits provided by DIRT CHEAP LABOR.
He sobs …

"My wife, Nettie, and I could not believe what we were seeing. Roberto, our favorite Mexican employee for four years, had sent the money he made back to Mexico to build a bakery. We had no idea he had done that."

You see? What a wonderful person he is, creating opportunity and hope to slave laborers everywhere.

It gets worse …

"We had arrived on Dec. 5, 2003, with a program called Puentes, Spanish for "bridges." It was the brainchild of Shaun Duvall, a high school Spanish teacher, and Carl Duley, a UW-Extension agent, from Alma. They saw a new phenomenon in Buffalo County of Mexicans working on dairy farms and only speaking Spanish. Puentes was formed to teach us farmers Spanish and to educate us about the culture of our new work force by taking us to Mexico. The program also evolved to include visits to the villages where our workers' families lived."

Hmmm … let me make sure I have this correct. ILLEGAL aliens enter the United States, Rosenow and his neighboring farmers ILLEGALLY hire these workers for lower than minimum wage, the ILLEGAL workers don’t speak any English, so obviously … Rosenow, through his ultimate caring and Jesus like actions feels it’s the American employer’s responsibility to travel to Mexico and LEARN SPANISH? Uh … why not teach them ENGLISH if you’re so caring? Oh wait. That would be insulting and degrading to force our culture on them.

Rosenow makes an attempt to draw pity from his readers by pointing out how tough a decision it was to hire “Mexicans” …

"Hiring Mexicans was not an easy decision. We wanted to hire local people who lived like us, spoke our language and had dairying in their blood. This worked for a while, but the pool of people to employ dwindled to almost nothing by 1998 as unemployment dropped to less than 4 percent in our area. We were working 96-hour weeks for 50 weeks a year to get everything done."

Did you miss it? Notice the hint of truth to his writing and maybe even an underlying bit of racism? Rosenow doesn’t even catch it himself, but he gives himself away when he writes that “hiring MEXICANS” was not an easy decision. He didn’t say “illegal workers,” or “undocumented workers,” or “cheap laborers.” He actually said that it was a difficult decision to hire MEXICANS. Why? What makes hiring Mexicans any different from hiring whites, or blacks, or Asians, or any other class of worker? Is he saying it was tough to hire ILLEGAL workers, or that he didn’t want to hire MEXICANS?

In the same paragraph he claims he was forced into the hiring due to the fact that “unemployment dropped to less than 4 percent in our area.” Translated, that means he couldn’t find anyone to work for almost nothing. And all this time I thought liberals WANTED a low unemployment rate. It’s so confusing trying to keep up with their needs.

So, there you have it. All those business owners illegally hiring ILLEGAL workers are nothing more than God like missionaries spreading goodness throughout the world. Peace be with them all.

To read the entire article, go here.


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