Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Senator Cornyn scraps "superstate" bill linked to formation of North American Union

According to Jerome R. Corsi on WorldNetDaily:
Responding to information from WorldNetDaily, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has taken steps to ensure the Senate will not act on a bill that would further a plan to create a European Union-style alliance in North America.

Cornyn made the decision after WND pointed out Friday the legislation – the North American Investment Fund Act – would constitute an attempt to pass a key piece of American University Professor Robert Pastor's plan to create a "North American Union."

Yesterday, Cornyn's office notified WND the senator had been assured by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that no action will be taken on Senate bill 3622 in the 109th Congress. If the Senate Foreign Relations Committee does not act, the bill will expire at the end of the term in January.

Where this leaves the future plans of the Bush Administration and their desires to eliminate our country's borders is unclear, but it seems to be a positive step and also gives evidence that the internet "outing" of these secret plans might be causing them concern.

Read the entire breaking WorldNetDaily article here.

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