Monday, July 17, 2006

Mexican military, drug cartels, and gangs are crossing our borders
Via Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily:

"For years we have seen individuals enter the country illegally," Gonzales testified. "However, recently, we feel that many of these persons are no longer entering the country to look for legitimate employment. We are now seeing that many of these persons are members of ruthless and violent gangs. All of us are concerned that the border with Mexico is being used as the front door to this country and that terrorists are already in our back yard."

He said many illegal immigrants from "countries of special interest" are attempting to blend in with the mostly Mexican population moving across the border.

"In May of this year my office received information that the cartels immediately across our border are planning on threatening or killing as many police officers as possible on the United States side," he said. "This is being planned for the purpose of attempting to 'scare us' away from the border. It is very possible these cartels may form the nexus, or have already formed one, with members of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups."

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